Tampa Bay Cobia fishing charters

Cobia in Tampa Bay weighs 20 to 50 pounds on average. Hence, Tampa Bay Cobia Fishing Charters suits anyone who wishes to eat something they worked on catching.

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Tampa Bay has some of the finest cobia fishing Florida has to offer.

Cobia is another edible highlight in Tampa. Anglers who enjoy eating something they worked hard on catching will do well in a Tampa Cobia Fishing Charter.

Everything you Need to Know About Cobia in Tampa Bay

On average, a cobia caught on Tampa Bay weighs around 20 to 50 pounds. This means besides being guaranteed a feast once you’ve bagged it, you’re also given a challenge when catching it.

People sometimes refer to cobia as crabeater, and even mistake it for a shark or a remora. Often, this happens because of the cobia’s appearance and size. 

You can find an abundance of cobia in Tampa during wintertime inshore.

Common Techniques Used to Catch Cobia

Cobia will go after any bait, dead or alive, so long as it’s edible. Hence, what you need to focus on when catching cobia is your technique. Light tackling, trolling, and jigging are the commonly incorporated methods when catching cobia.

Why Choose Tampa for Cobia Fishing

Since cobia are nearshore creatures, Tampa Bay gives you some good spots to fish in. When fishing for cobia in Florida, Tampa is the go-to place for most anglers due to this.

Florida Fishing Regulations for Catching Cobia

You’re only allowed to bag cobia that is at least 33 inches long, and you’re limited to one catch per day or two fish per vessel.

Why Choose Tampa, Florida as Your Next Cobia Fishing Charter

Tampa Bay Florida Fishing Charters has your back when it comes to cobia fishing. We’ll hook you up with the best fishing charters in Tampa for a smooth fishing adventure. 

Catching Cobia in Tampa, Florida


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