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Tampa Bay Black Drum Fishing Charters will suit you if you’re looking to bring home a better version of redfish. Unlike red drums, black drums can be bagged in Florida.

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Tampa has some of the finest black drum fishing Florida has to offer.

Black drum is the upgraded version of redfish. Compared to red drums, black drums are heavier, wider, and longer. They also possess 4 to 6 vertical stripes on their bellies that make them more identifiable.

Everything you Need to Know About Black Drums in Tampa Bay

Black drums are the largest among the drums. Florida’s biggest black drum catch weighed 96 pounds. However, the average weight of black drums caught in Tampa are 5 to 10 pounds, with 40 pounds as a great catch.

They like hanging out inshore, but you can also find them around docks, bridge pilings, and oyster beds. When caught, they use their weight to resist.

Common Techniques Used to Catch Black Drums

Black drums love crabs, shrimps, and oysters. However, they can also be quite lazy and simply prefer dead bait. They wait for the food to come to them rather than chase after the food.

Hook and line work well when catching black drums, but you can also use jigs to challenge yourself.

Why Choose Tampa for Black Drum Fishing

Black drums are abundant in Tampa Bay during the months of March, April, September, and November. There’s actually no closed season, so you can look for black drums in Tampa during any time of the year.

Florida Fishing Regulations for Catching Black Drums

You can use hook and line, seine, spear or gig, and cast net when fishing for black drums in Florida. However, snatching and harvesting with multiple hooks are prohibited

You’re also only allowed to take 5 black drums per day that are around 14 to 24 inches long.

Why Choose Tampa, Florida for Your Next Black Drum Fishing Charter

Tampa Bay Florida Fishing Charters has your back when it comes to black drum fishing. We’ll hook you up with the best fishing charters in Tampa for a smooth fishing adventure.


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