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Are you aiming to bag a grouper or two but don’t know how? Reach out to Tampa Bay Grouper Fishing Charters for help.

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Tampa has some of the finest grouper fishing Florida has to offer.

Black, red, gag, and goliath grouper are usually prevalent in Tampa Bay. Anglers interested in bagging big fish by bottom fishing are usually drawn to grouper.

Everything you Need to Know About Grouper in Tampa Bay

Tastewise, the gag grouper holds the title of being the best due to its firm and big meat. However, red and black grouper are more commonly fished due to their availability.

Those two species are in season year-round, but the gag grouper are only abundant during the months of June to December. 

Additionally, note that Goliath grouper can’t be taken home. This is because these fish had been overfished before, and they’re currently replenishing their numbers.

Common Techniques Used to Catch Grouper

Like most of the fish in Tampa Bay, grouper aren’t picky with the baits. You can use any bait and see results as long as you’re on the right fishing spot. 

Since most grouper are offshore and deep into the waters, bottom fishing works best on them. However, you can also incorporate drift fishing, jigging, and light tackling.

Why Choose Tampa for Grouper Fishing

Tampa Bay is big and deep enough to accommodate the grouper. Likewise, it’s temperate enough to be a favorite hangout spot for both grouper and people alike.

Florida Fishing Regulations for Catching Grouper

You can take home red and gag grouper that is at least 24 inches long with a limit of two per person. Meanwhile, black grouper is limited to four fish per person and a minimum size of 24 inches.

Why Choose Tampa, Florida as Your Next Grouper Fishing Charter

Tampa Bay Florida Fishing Charters has your back when it comes to grouper fishing. We’ll hook you up with the best fishing charters in Tampa for a smooth fishing adventure. 

Catching Grouper in Tampa, Florida


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