Why Go Tampa Fishing with an Experienced Guide

Florida is famous for its fantastic fishing opportunities, and Tampa is one of the cities people flock to for that action. With more than 200 species inhabiting Tampa’s bait-laden waterways, the city has become the crown jewel among anglers worldwide. And if you’re planning to head there, it’s best to go Tampa fishing with an experienced guide to get the most out of your trip.

Instead of merely taking your chances and renting a boat to go out on your own, you get to reap the many benefits they offer. Read on to find out why you should go Tampa fishing with an experienced guide!


Fishing Guide vs. Fishing Charter

Tampa Bay is one of the best destinations for fishing because of the wide variety of fish and breathtaking scenery. You can use many fishing methods here for practice while reeling in a bite! If you’re planning to fish in Tampa, you probably came across both fishing charters and fishing guides, leaving you wondering what their differences are.

The significant difference between a fishing guide and a charter captain is their licensing requirements.

A charter captain must carry the appropriate licenses to carry passengers for hire. This would require passing a physical and detailed exam on marine safety and enrolling in a drug and alcohol testing program.

On the other hand, fishing guides may operate without US Coast Guard credentials. They won’t need to enroll in a drug and alcohol program. However, a pilot license is required if they use a boat to take passengers for hire. 

Furthermore, fishing guides would usually have smaller boats accommodating up to four people, more or less. Chartered boats would usually accommodate six or more, having bigger boats! The former is generally made for inshore fishing, but it can navigate the ocean effectively, while the latter is designed for inshore or offshore fishing.

There is no better fishing adventure as it depends on your individual preferences and budget. Here at Tampa Bay Florida Fishing Charters, we offer both fishing charters and experienced guides.


Why Go Tampa Fishing with an Experienced Guide

Now that you know the difference between a fishing guide and a charter, the next question is: Why go Tampa fishing with an experienced guide in the first place?

Here are the benefits hiring an experienced guide has to offer!


Fishing Guides are Knowledgeable

Even before stepping into the boat, you already get to reap the benefits of a guide thanks to his knowledge and experience. 

A good fishing guide will already prepare all the latest fishing reports and be aware of what fish are biting that particular day and fishing season. Furthermore, he will know where to go when you want to target specific species, so you get to save time navigating your way through Tampa waters. A local fishing guide knows all the hot spots and hidden gems to catch specific fish, avoiding crowds and such.

Plus, an experienced guide will know how to navigate his home waters regardless of the weather. He will also know the waters better, working as a guide for years, being a local. That way, he can gauge whether it’s a safe day to go out to the waters or not.


Fishing Guides are Skilled

Besides being knowledgeable about fishing and Tampa waters, a guide should have skills in angling and boating. Here are more benefits you can reap from a fishing guide’s skillset:

Fishing guides can read the water to determine where the best fishing spots are at any given time and day. Furthermore, he will know how to operate the boat with expert precision, ensuring your safety while getting to the best spots without wasting time. 

Furthermore, fishing guides would usually provide the best bait available so you can attract your target fish species. Since a guide is knowledgeable about fishing, he can coach you on how to use your fishing equipment and what techniques are best for the fish species you’re targeting. Even if you’re new to fishing, a guide will show you the basics so you can reel in your first catch even!


Fishing Guides Offer What’s Needed

You can find fishing guides who own and maneuver their own boat and provide equipment and bait. That way, you won’t have to worry about bringing your equipment!

This lessens the hassle and money spent since you won’t have to lug heavy equipment or pay for extra fees as you travel. Furthermore, some fishing guides would have fishing licenses, so you won’t have to trouble yourself into purchasing your own. You’ll just need to bring yourself some extra clothes, sun protection, and food for the day!


Fishing Guides Give You Customized Trips

Fishing guides offer more flexibility, especially when you avail of private services. They can offer to begin the trip at different times of the day in varying durations, depending on what you prefer and the target species.

Besides that, fishing guides will offer different services based on the fish and techniques you’d like to target. For example, you can have a short fishing session inshore, a longer excursion offshore, and target sharks or tarpon. You can try your hand at bow fishing and bottom fishing to spruce up your skills and learn new things.


Wrapping It Up

When it comes to fishing in Tampa, or anywhere else for the matter, beginner and expert anglers can significantly benefit from an experienced fishing guide. These guides have excellent knowledge of the local waters and can get you to reach your fishing goals! Just ensure you get a reputable one who has prior experience with anglers and in Tampa’s waters.

We hope you learned a lot about why it’s best to go Tampa fishing with an experienced guide! If you believe you will greatly benefit from one, contact us now, and we can connect you with an experienced guide from our extensive directory.

Why Go Tampa Fishing with an Experienced Guide
Why Go Tampa Fishing with an Experienced Guide
Why Go Tampa Fishing with an Experienced Guide
Why Go Tampa Fishing with an Experienced Guide
Why Go Tampa Fishing with an Experienced Guide
Why Go Tampa Fishing with an Experienced Guide
Why Go Tampa Fishing with an Experienced Guide
Why Go Tampa Fishing with an Experienced Guide


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